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Meicheng Audio Video Co., Ltd.

[Taiwan] Multimedia Recorder (MMR) DSS-R-CL1100

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Meicheng Multimedia Recorder (MMR) DSS-R-CL1100 or you can call it VGA Recorder; can help instructors to accumulate their course knowledge rapidly in a short time without any technological skills. We have received inquiries from many domestic and oversea education institutes. With the ability to broadcast high resolution, high quality video at up to 30 frames per second, along with support for a stereo audio, MMR makes the ideal presentation solution.
No software is required; no hardware needs to be setup.

Meicheng Multimedia Recorder (MMR) is a special hardware device used for recording high-definition DVI/VGA, video, and audio source simultaneously. VGA Recorder supports encoding of 720p/ 1080i/ 1080p high-definition video signal and 1400 X 1050 VGA signal. MMR features stability, reliability, high definition, low bit rate and low delay.
VGA Recorder can be extensively used in applications where the collection and IP network-based transmission of high-definition video signals and VGA signals are required. Meicheng VGA Multimedia Recorder satisfies the application for recording presentations, conferences, classroom, enterprise webcasting, training, monitoring and surveillance.
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Meicheng Audio Video Co., Ltd.

Street:13F., No.2, Jian 8th Rd., Jhonghe City, Taipei County 23511, Taiwan, R.O.C.
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Name and Surname: Mr Chen
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