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[Taiwan]High definition HD/SD Digital AV Mixer

CMX-12 is a high definition HD/SD Digital AV Mixer. Each input BUS supports 6 inputs (2 x HDMI, 2 x Component, 2x S-Video and Composite video) and also Background Color for special efficiency. The output supports 1 x HDMI, 2 x Component, 2 x S-Video and Composite video, it also supports position adjustment and recording. The output supports HD/SD resolution for example, NTSC, NTSC-4.43, PAL, PAL-M, PAN-N, SECAM, 480p, 576p, 720p 50/60, 1080i 50/60. The output resolution can auto adjust to consistency[...]


[Taiwan]Multimedia Recorder (MMR) DSS-R-CL1100

Meicheng Multimedia Recorder (MMR) DSS-R-CL1100 or you can call it VGA Recorder; can help instructors to accumulate their course knowledge rapidly in a short time without any technological skills. We have received inquiries from many domestic and oversea education institutes. With the ability to broadcast high resolution, high quality video at up to 30 frames per second, along with support for a stereo audio, MMR makes the ideal presentation solution. No software is required; no hardware needs to[...]


[China]Cosel ADA600F-24 600W 24V AC-DC Power Supplies

We have Cosel Whole product Line DC-DC Converters, AC-DC Power Module, AC-DC Power Supply support. 1.5-700W DC/DC Converters 2.5-1600W AC/DC Converters and Switching power Supply Cosel Hotsell: ADA600F-24 x 1pcs stock CBS1004824 LCA100S-48 LDA10F-12-Y LDA10F-24-Y LDA150W-48-SNY LDA150W-48-Y LDA30F-12-Y LDA30F-24-Y LDA50F-12-Y LDA50F-24-Y LDC60F-2 LFA30F-24-J1Y PAA300F-24 PBA300F-24 PTH03030WAZ SUCS102405C SUCS102405C SUCS102412C SUCS10243R3C SUCS1R52405C SUCS62405C SUCS6243R3C SUS1R52405-B SUS1R52405-C SUW101212B SUW61215B VAA1012 VAF1005 VAF505 VAF512 ZUS1R52405 ZUW1R50515[...]


[China]Emerson NFS80-7606J 80W Quad output AC-DC Power Supplies

Emerson NFS80-7606J Quad output AC/DC Power Supply Stocks: NFS80-7606J x 1300pcs LPT65 x 336pcs LPS65 x 476pcs MP4-1Q-4LQ-00 x 20pcs CXA10-48S05J x 1200pcs NFS110-7602PJ x 790pcs LPT45 x 200pcs Features: Emerson NFS80-7606J Quad output AC/DC Power Supply 1. Factory direct price 2. UL, VDE and CSA Safty Approval 3. Available RoHS compliant 4. Isolated output 5. 7.0 x 4.25 x 1.8 inch package 6. Overvoltage and short circuit protection Factory direct pirce![...]


[China]Murata NME0505DC

Murata Full encapsulated DC-DC Converters: NME0505DC 1W, 5V to 5V DIP Converters Murata Hotsell: NME0505DC 2000pcs NME0505SC 2000pcs NKE0505SC 1400pcs NML0505SC 2000pcs NMV0505SAC 10000pcs NMV0515SAC 2000pcs NMJ0505SC 2000pcs For more Murata power: NMA1205DC NMA2415SC NME2405DC NME4805SC NMG0505SC NMH0512SC NMK0509SC NMR100C NMV1212SC OKY2-T/10-D12N-C OKY2-T/10-D12P-C OKY2-T/10-W5N-C OKY2-T/10-W5P-C OKY2-T/16-D12N-C OKY2-T/16-D12P-C OKY2-T/16-W5N-C OKY2-T/16-W5P-C[...]


[China]Murata NMV0515SAC

We have Murata-ps Whole product line DC-DC Converter, AC-DC Converters, AC-DC Power Supply support. Murata-ps Industrial 1W 15V output Small Size DC/DC converters NMV0515SAC Stocks: NMV0505SAC X 10000pcs NML0505SC x 2000pcs NMJ0505SC X 2000pcs NMV0515SAC x 2000pcs NKE0505SC x 2000pcs NME0505SC X 2000pcs NME0505DC x 2000pcs For more Hotsell power supply: NTE0303MC NTE0303MC-R NTE0305MC NTE0305MC-R NTE0309MC NTE0309MC-R NTE0312MC NTE0312MC-R NTE0315MC NTE0315MC-R[...]


[China]digital photo frame

different size digital photo frame,which can read SD,MMC,XD,CF card,it is a good device to play your photo with family[...]


[Taiwan]MX-1004PF/K Quad-View Video Processor

The MX-1004PF/K Quad-View Video Processor is an advanced video processor for multimedia presentations. It is an ideal solution for applications where up to four video signals must be displayed on a single display. It supports up to 10 video inputs, of which four can be outputted simultaneously with the desired display layout through software control. The advanced video processor allows you to manipulate output images, wherever positions and whatever sizes you want for viewing two computers or two[...]


[China]solar charger

1.Solar panel :0.4W; 2.AC input:AC100V-240V; 3.DC output:DC5V or DC6V; 4.Max outpurt current :DC300mA-500mA; 5.Built in Lithium:1500mA/h; 6.Weight:110g; 7.Size :120*73*10mm[...]


[China]AM/FM radio clock alarm iPod docking speaker

Model:MS-219 Features: * Wake and sleep to iPod * Suitable for iPod, iPod Mini, Nano, and Video * With FM/AM radio with PLL Digital Tuning. * With clock/alarm * With charging for iPod * With wireless remote control * Built-in 2.0amplifier * Auxiliary line-in to connect other audio devices Specifications: * Power Supply: AC adaptor (12V, 1.25A) * Output Power: 8W*2 * Driver Unit: 50mm speaker, 4ohms (L, R), 66mm sub speaker * Frequency Response: 80-20Khz Packing: * Packing[...]

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